We offer solutions for industrial, residential and private sectors necessities.


We manufacture high-quality products for industrial and residential use, as well as we operate vehicle environmental verification services.

About the division

In two of our business units, we manufacture waterproofing and thermal insulation systems, as well as fiberglass veil.

We also operate companies that offer electrophoretic and electrostatic coating application services for the global automotive and home appliance sectors.

In Mexico, we are pioneers in manufacturing quality waterproofing systems. We have the two largest facilities for the application of a specialized coating, serving the automotive sector, in addition to being the only ones to manufacture fiberglass veil in Latin America.

Waterproofing systems and roof coating

We offer all over Mexico a full catalog of premium products for residential and industrial use, such as:

  • Acrylic waterproofing systems and roof coating
  • Prefabricated waterproofing systems and roll roofing
  • Asphaltic waterproofing systems and roof coating
  • Thermal insulation products
  • Concrete admixtures

Proesa Protexa

We focus on the application of high-tech anticorrosive coatings for metallic and plastic parts for the automotive, electronics and industrial sectors.

Our processes are immersion liquid painting (e-coat) and spray powder painting (powder coat).

Our facilities, located in San Luis Potosí and Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, are the largest in Mexico to provide this kind of service.


We are the only fiberglass veil manufacturer in Mexico and we export to the entire American continent.

This product is used to produce:

  • Asphaltic prefabricated waterproofing systems.
  • Thermal isolation.
  • Complement under carpets.

CAMSA verification centers

We operate six vehicle environmental verification centers in Mexico City.

With the latest technology and highly trained personnel, we comply with current regulations to offer the best service to our customers.