Transparency, ethics and compliance

Protexa’s board appointed a corporate government that is responsible for establishing the foundations of the standards and rules of conduct, including the Corporate Governance manual and our Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct, which is the basis of our general or corporate policies. In addition, other efforts have been made to reinforce work in this area, just as the employee manual and some certifications that our companies have on environmental issues and conflict of interest, also we have been reinforcing our special lines for reporting improper acts with strong protection of informants.

E-learning training

It has the objective of reinforcing knowledge of our policies and compliance with the Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct, internally and with our business partners, customers and suppliers.

Advisory and consultancy

Topics such as ethical and legal conduct and the integrity of the organization are addressed with internal courses to improve knowledge in areas like conduct, ethics and anti-corruption.

Complaint mechanisms

Report by phone (800 1125 200), by WhatsApp (811 917 9005), by email ([email protected]), online complaint and follow-up (


In that year, Letica, our complaint system, was implemented.


Complaints received in 2021.


Complaints are investigated by independent investigators.