We operate a quality control center

Our laboratory is accredited under the standards of the following regulations: NMX-C-191-ONNCCE-2015 and NMX-C-169-ONNCCE-2009

About Us

We operate a Quality Control Laboratory for fresh and hardened concrete testing, serving the public and private sectors.

We offer services at a regional level attending concrete projects such as:

  • Foundation construction
  • Buildings construction
  • Rigid pavements construction

As well as projects where hydraulic concrete is used:

  • Compression
  • Flexion

We have C-1153-217/19 accreditation, valid since 2019/10/17 for the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA). Our services also include aggregate control.

Contamos con seis métodos acreditados:

Muestreo en el concreto fresco
Elaboración y curado
Resistencia a la comprensión de especímenes
Determinación masa específico y absorción

Fresh concrete sampling


What do we offer?

Representative sampling service for fresh concrete; the tests are carried out to determine compliance with the agreed quality.

The types of sampling tests offered are:

  • Concrete sampling in stationary mixers (fixed or tilting)
  • Concrete sampling in pavers.
  • Sampling in premix plant.
  • Sampling on site.
  • Sampling in box trucks with or without mixers.

Slump determination in fresh concrete


What do we offer?

Consistency evaluation of hydraulic concrete using the method known as slump.

In this method, reliable slump values ​​are obtained in the interval from 2 cm to 20 cm.

Applicable to fresh concrete:

  • Industrialized
  • Made on site

Test specimens preparation and curing


What do we offer?

Preparation and curing of specimens either on site or in the laboratory.

Type of specimens:

  • 15×30 cm. (Cylindrical).
  • 10×10 cm. (Cubic).
  • 15x15x50 cm. (Beams)

Specimens pitch


What do we offer?

Specimens pitch service in order to obtain flatness and perpendicularity in their bases for their test.

Service for following hydraulic concrete specimens type:

  • Molded
  • Extracted
  • Prefabs

Resistance evaluation


What do we offer?

Service for concrete compression determination

Service for following hydraulic concrete specimens type:

  • Molded cylinder
  • Concrete hearts
  • Molded cubes

Specific mass, absorption and voids


What do we offer?

Specific mass, percentage of absorption and voids determination service for hardened hydraulic concrete.

Status determination of:

  • Immersion
  • Boiling

Flexural strength of concrete


What do we offer?

Service to determine the flexural strength of concrete.

This testing is used for quality control of the concrete used in pavement.

Cylindrical specimens extraction


What do we offer?

Extraction and preparation service for testing specimen.

This services works for:

  • Thicknesses evaluation.
  • Resistance evaluation.
  • General product evaluation.
  • Among others.

Aptitude test 2021


What do we offer?

We participate in inter-laboratory comparisons or proficiency testing programs to ensure the validity of the results according to 7.7 section of NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2018 normative: “General requirements for the competence of test and calibration laboratories”.