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On shore and Off shore drilling fluids

Comprehensive fluids service for drilling, completion and maintenance of oil wells.

About Us

Since 1982, we have been developing drilling fluid systems that have been tested in different oil wells in the offshore zone of the Gulf of Mexico and on land in Tabasco, Chiapas and Veracruz.

Some of the fluid systems that support our success are:

  • Inverse emulsion fluids (Protexil system)
  • Super-inhibited water-based system for active shale drilling, developed in 2004
  • Filtration systems in on shore, off shore and deep-water oil wells
  • Ultra-inhibited water-based fluids
  • Foamed polymeric water-based fluids with densities up to 0.25 gr/cc
  • HP HT clean fluids (patented) for drilling the reservoir zone with densities of up to 1.90 gr/cc, and temperatures of 200 ºC
  • Binary brines (calcium bromides, zinc bromides, calcium chloride, formates)
  • Simple and ternary brines


comprehensive drilling fluid services in deep water, shallow water and onshore areas


oil wells drilled in the South and Marine region


years contributing to the national energy industry

Drilling fluids and services

What do we offer?

  • Engineering and design of fluids for drilling, finishing and workover for oil wells
  • Chemical additives suppy
  • Solids control equipment services
  • Clean fluids (brine) and oil well washing
  • Brine filtration equipment lease
  • Pipes cleaning tools lease: brushes, reamers, magnets
  • Equipment lease by subcontracting: ramps, silos, solids control equipment
  • Transportation service lease by subcontracting for chemical additives, barite, drilling cuttings and residues

Our infrastructure

Drilling fluids facilities Roberto Ayala (Tabasco)

Located at Huimanguillo, Tabasco, it is the Mexican plant with the largest installed capacity for the production and storage of drilling fluids.

Cd. del Carmen (Campeche) facilities

Strategically located on docks 11 and 12 of the Laguna Azul industrial-fishing port, to serve offshore oil wells with a storage capacity of 2,000 m3 for oil-based fluids, 620 m3 for clean fluids and it has a 2,116 m2 warehouse.

Tuxpan (Veracruz) facilities

Located on the riverbank of the Tuxpan River to serve oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, with a clean drilling fluid storage capacity of 664 m3 and a 680 m2 warehouse.

Research Laboratory

We have a research and development laboratory in Huimanguillo, Tabasco. It is equipped with technology for the analysis and testing of drilling fluid systems, finishing (brine) and repair of oil wells. We perform tests for quality control of raw materials, adhering to current Mexican Standards for materials and additives for drilling fluids.

IMPI registered patents

In 2011, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) granted us concession titles No. 207525- “Oil-Based Ultralight System to Drill Depressed Zones” and concession No. 207526- “Clean Fluid Systems with 200ºC thermal resistance to drilling Producer Zones”.