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Deep and shallow drillings

About Us

Thanks to our long track record in offshore drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico, in 2019 we were awarded the Cluster 4 project, which comprises the drilling of 12 wells in the Yaxché and Onel fields.

1 st.

oil well in comprehensive “turnkey” scheme


of drilling in the Yaxché 44 offshore well, setting a record

12oil wlls

assigned as part of Cluster 4


What do we offer?

  • Engineering, development and execution of oil wells drilling and completion programs
  • Comprehensive well drilling and completion services
  • Complementary comprehensive services, such as vessel leasing and logistics
  • Geophysical Record Services


Yaxche 61

In December 2020, we successfully completed the first comprehensive drilling with “turnkey” scheme, in which we provided financing, personnel, equipment, and all complementary services for the client.

Yaxché 44

In January 2021, we set a record by completing the drilling of the Yaxche 44 well in just 30 days, an internal execution record that demonstrates our great capacity to execute works promptly.